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Visit Price - Documentation

Visits Per Month Price Per Visit
Less than 250 $0.63 each
250 - 499 $0.58 each
500 - 749 $0.38 each
More than 750? Call for details.

Visit Price - Billing

Visits Per Month Price Per Visit
Less than 250 $0.18 each
250 - 499 $0.15 each
500 - 749 $0.12 each
More than 750? Call for details.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Standard FCEs Quantified FCEs
$30 each $40 each
More than 750? Call for details.

Automatic Visit Reminders

Scheduled Reminders
$0.15 each
(includes voice, text, & email)
MediGraph Central Only

Integrated Faxing

Inbound / Outbound Faxing
$30 / month
(Includes dedicated fax number)
MediGraph Central Only

Minimum Monthly Fee: A minimum monthly charge of $75 is applied against your visit, billing, and FCE usage.

MediGraph Central: MediGraph Central has a cost of $50 per month. This covers the cost of hosting your data, as well as daily backups.

Backup Service (MediGraph Desktop Only, included with Central): Should you elect to use our secure internet backup service, you will be billed an additional $15 per month.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee / Contract Term: If you are not satisfied with MediGraph within the first 30 days of your subscription, you may cancel your subscription with no charges. Your subscription will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis, unless MediGraph receives notification of cancellation.

Training / Software Upgrades / Technical Support: MediGraph is pleased to offer training, software upgrades, and technical support to our customers. Training regarding the use of the software is available free of charge. Software updates are made periodically, and are free of charge to all our customers. Technical support directly related to MediGraph is provided free of charge. Support for peripheral issues, such as networking, clearinghouse integration, and customer-owned equipment is subject to a fee.

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