For years we have been searching for an outcomes based software program which will help us organize and collect data. I envision every physical therapy clinic using such a product in the near future.
Nicholas F. Quarrier, MHS, PT, OC

MediGraph Physical Therapy Software: Leading the physical therapy software industry for over 14 years

Experience. MediGraph Physical Therapy Software has provided software for more than 12 years. While many companies are attempting to catch up, and others have fallen by the wayside, we have been the leader for defensible evidence-based physical therapy documentation, billing, fce software, and scheduling into one easy-to-use application.

MediGraph is your total physical therapy software solution

Evidence Based Clinical Documentation: EMR System including: Initial Evaluations, Daily Notes, Re-Evaluations, Discharge Summaries (based from the APTA Guides to private practice), tests & measurements, Exercise log, outcome questionnaires, functional capacity evaluation software, Cutomizable template driven physical therapy billing software system.

Physical Therapy Billing Software: Electronic Billing, CMS 1500, batch invoicing, superbills, patient statements, receivables management, and event-driven reminders / tasks.  Advanced error checking / verify invoices before submission.

Appointment Scheduling: Integrated appointment reminders maximize revenue.  Remind your patients by phone, text, or email Automaticaly.

Go Paperless: EMR management, digital inbound/outbound faxing, Get you practice into the digital age.

G-Codes / PQRS: Generated automatically from documentation and seamlessly transfered to billing